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14685 Bay Breeze Way
Dexter, NY, 13634
United States


Northern New York's Farmhouse Maple strives to produce a superior quality, 100% pure maple syrup and maple products using the highest standards and the most eco-friendly systems possible.  Farmhouse Maple resolves to enhance consumer information on the different maple grades, the maple making process, and the benefits of maple.

Maple Syrup Jugs

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Our 100% pure maple syrup is crafted and bottled on our 170 acre estate to ensure quality and rich taste.  Our confections and popcorn are all handmade using the freshest ingredients.  Be sure to try our maple toffee popcorn.  It's oh so delicious!  It'll keep you coming back for more!

Maple Syrup Jugs


Maple Syrup Jugs

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Maple Syrup Jugs:
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